In 2008, the fields at Springfield Manor were planted with numerous cultivars of both English and French lavenders. It is the English variety which is used to create our signature Lavender Gin. The blossoms are hand harvested at peak bloom - and the  process preserves the bright sweet floral flavor. 

Limestone Filtered Spring Water

German Innovation

Springfield Manor is family owned & operated. We love personally  meeting guests and having them visit our farm. Springfield Manor hosts over 125 weddings and events each year and operates as a country inn with 8 luxurious suites. If you are in the area, plan to come by for a visit or stay for an overnight. Please always check the Manor's website or Facebook for hours & reservations.

The Farm & Manor

In 2011 Springfield Manor became a licensed Distilled Spirit Plant. We imported a German made Bavarian Holstein Copper Still.  It arrived in the Port Of Baltimore in such an amazing wooden crate - we constructed an interior wall of the distillery from the wood! The still itself is a work of art - an intriguing example of art & innovation.

Fields Of Fresh Lavender

​​Springfield Manor Lavender Gin

Lavender Gin


Springfield Manor 
Winery Distillery Brewery
11836 Auburn Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788

Springfield Manor is a 130 acre farm situated at the base of the Catoctin Mountains. In 1774, the estate was named after the limestone filtered spring water which comes forth in each of the farms seven fields. The limestone aquifer beneath the farm produces water with virtually no iron, and generous amounts of calcium carbonate and magnesium. It is no secret to the industry that limestone spring water produces the finest distilled sprits. Many experts consider the water to actually be the most important ingredient of all. Limestone water imparts the specific desirable minerals while filtering out other undesirable compounds. The limestone spring water at Springfield Manor also provides the ideal PH for both fermentation and distillation. It is generally acknowledged that limestone water makes the best bourbons, it is possible that it's attributes are even more paramount in clear spirits. In Bourbon and other brown spirits, much of the character comes from the barrel itself. In clear spirits such as vodka and gin, there is nothing else to influence the flavor of the spirit except the water. Some experts profess that the "high surface tension of the water inhibits the evaporation of the aromas- thereby slowing the release of the bouquet. This gives the spirit a softer nose, a distinctive flavor profile, and a delicate mouth feel." Even elaborate water purification systems can't replicate natures own limestone filtered spring water that is produced in abundance at Springfield Manor! 

​​Springfield Manor

Lavender Gin